Congratulations to Danelle Oliver and NAFC Ferndelle's Flying Cloud of HCR MH  AJP AXP.    Acey completed the 2013 National Amateur Championship without a placement but came back in 2014 and won the National Amateur Championship.    

Danelle Oliver with Acey.  This picture was at the Missouri Club's field Trial. This team went to the 2013 National Amateur and completed the National.  

Acey was bred by Mark Nix.  


Rick and Solo waiting to run in the 3rd Series of 2013 Fall Field Trial.                                     Gallery watching some brace work during the 2013 Fall Field Trial


Our next field trial will be on February 23 & 24, 2019

Judges:  Tim DeGroff and Joe Coady


Located Near Dunnegan, Missouri

Motels located in Bolivar, Missouri and resorts in Stockton MO

Entries will be handled through Hunt Secretary (  

Placements from our previous trial can be found at under field trial placements.   

Camping is available on site with RV hookup's.  Please RSVP David Sanford if you are going to camp in your RV.

2013 National Amateur Championship

Congratulations to Danelle Oliver and Acey for completing the 2013 National Amateur Championship.  Completing the trial is quite an accomplishment. Only 14 dogs out of 113 starters finished the trial.  Acey was bred by Club member, Mark and Racine Nix.  

Also, congratulations to David Sanford for running his 4 dogs through 3 series and then 3 of his dogs through the 4th series.   That is 15 series that David ran with his dogs in the National Amateur and the dogs did not do anything to eliminate themselves.   There were just "cleaner" dogs that went to the 5th series.  Congratulations on a job well done.   2 of the dogs that David ran was bred by David and Missy Sanford.   


AKC Springer Spaniel Field Trial Water Test Results: 

August 17, 2013    10 dogs entered, 10 dogs started,  8 dogs passed

Judges:   John Knowles and Steve Beyer

Bullseye Briar Sanford, MH               Bull”    NEW AFC!       David Sanford

Driggs Flintlock Finnigan SH                 “Finn”                         Richard Driggs

Ferndelle’s Flying Cloud of Hcr JH        “Acey”                       Danelle Oliver

Nottingham’s Adamsmark She’s the One  “Josie”                 Tim Baker

Sutherlan’s Flying Solo                               “Solo”                  Rick Sutherlan

Birdflush’s Apple of D’s Eye JH SH RA      “Junior”               Alan Young

Nottingham’s Tridon Lee Roy MH               “Lee”                   Tim Baker

BCR’s Southern Lady                                 “Dixie”                 Missy  Sanford


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